Lots of Hearts and Body Parts

Published January 26th, 2017

Lots of Hearts and Body Parts

Please join us February 12th from 8-11 PM at Crossings Lexington for our Annual Lots of Hearts and Body Parts Event! This year, we are putting a spin on our ‘traditionally non-traditional’ Valentine’s Day show by asking YOU to compete for $150 cash prize!!

General rules:

1. ANY form of talent, 5 min or less is welcomed!

2. You MUST perform alone (no groups or pairs).

3. No nudity

The person raising the MOST money in tips in their 5 minute time slot will be declared the winner! And to make it even sweeter there is no entry fee!

For full rules sheet and time slot reservation please email katherine@lexpridefest.org. Space is limited!

Get your application here.