Looking for Activities Chair

We’re currently seeking a new chair for the Activities sub-committee for this year’s Pride Festival!

The Activities Chair is responsible for the children’s activity area: choosing age-appropriate games/events for families to partake in, working with the Logistics Chair to plan the children’s area, and staffing and overseeing the children’s activity area during the Festival.

If you’re interested in becoming the Activities Chair, please contact our festival chair, Kat Wilkie at katherine@lexpridefest.org.

Application Available for 2016 Lexington Pride Pageant!

We now have the application available for the Lexington Pride Pageant! You can download it below.

The Pageant will be held on April 21st at the Kentucky Theatre! The after party will move to The Bar Complex! The pageant it’s self will be an event for all ages!

2016 Lexington Pride Pageant Rules

2016 Lexington Pride Pageant Application-Bio Page

Mr. and Miss LexPride

Details on the pageant and contestant applications coming soon!