Giving on #GivingTuesday helps the GSA


GSA is one of the GLSO’s longest running programs. The Lexington Gay/Straight Alliance helps to break down the separation of hatred in our community as early as age 13. Our GSA meets weekly and creates a safe place for our youth 13-19 to be themselves and educate them on very important issues and paves the way for them to be the LGBT leaders of tomorrow!!

Give now to help the GSA!

Support the GLSO by singing karaoke!

sing out loudAll year long, the Lexington Pride Festival committee works hard to put on the festival, ultimately to benefit the GLSO Pride Center, and all the wonderful programs it runs to help our community.

This Thursday, the 20th, you can raise some money for the GLSO, AND show off your singing chops!

From 9 PM to 2 AM, Mac’s Karaoke Bar at 828 Lane Allen Road will be donating 10% of all drink sales and ALL Jell-O shot proceeds to the GLSO Pride Center.

So come OUT and sing OUTloud and proud as we have fun and raise some money and support our local bar allies!

PRIDE with a Cost!!!

By: Chad Hundley – 2015 Lexington Pride Festival Chair

As a volunteer for many years for the LGBTQ… community here in Lexington and Kentucky, I have seen the cost it takes for us to be free to show the public who we are and how we deserve equality. With many states now recognizing same sex marriages, we still have so much work to do besides marriage equality. We still need a variety of laws passed such as: adoption, hospital visitation, transgender protection and most importantly a statewide fairness law to protect every Kentuckian in the Commonwealth from being able to be fired from a job, kicked out of their housing, and companies being able to refuse providing their services to us through restaurants, department stores or even printing companies.

Yes, we have come a long way in just a short time, BUT all of this has come with a high cost. Our non-profit organizations are continuously running out of money because people think that we do not need to continue the education, awareness and services to the public that we provide because of progression. That could not be more wrong! Our organizations more than ever, need to be fighting harder than ever to continue to support, educate and bring awareness to the public in order to not have our society do a U-turn.

I know this is not a happy go lucky article as most of these will be, but we need your help! The GLSO is the non-profit organization that presents the Lexington Pride Festival to over 20,000 individuals across the region. It is with the support from donations and contributions that the GLSO has been able to provide many services to our community for over 37 years!

If you are saying, “Oh No, This is a Cry for Money!” I will say you are right! With the Holiday season here, what a better time to give back to the community who allows everyone to express who they are. If you cannot give a little bit of money to the GLSO (all of which is tax deductible) please give of your time to volunteer if not for the GLSO, one of the other great organizations in the area.

With everyone’s contributions we can expand our festival and our programs that we offer to so many people that use our center as a safe haven to come to when they need help with a problem. My goal from this article is that everyone contributes at least $5 a month to the GLSO. If you do this, you will not only be helping the Lexington Pride Festival but you will also be acknowledged as a GLSO Donor on our website so that everyone can see how PROUD you really are! I also invite you to visit the GLSO Pride Center located at 389 Waller Ave, Suite #100 in Lexington if you haven’t. I look forward to see each and every one of you soon. And, Remember, PRIDE does come with a CostMembership Tiers!