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GLSO Welcomes New President and Vice-President

The board of the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO) is changing its executive leadership.

With the start of 2015, the board of GLSO has voted for a shake-up in its executive committee. The vice-president and the secretary, Ginger Moore-Minder and Paul Holland respectively, have resigned from the board in order to pursue other options. Current president Paul Brown’s term expired at the end of December, and he looks to lighten his responsibilities so he can focus on career planning. Brown said, “From time to time, organizational leadership needs new blood and new ideas. I am uber excited to see the many positive enhancements the new leadership will bring.”

The organization will be left in good hands with the election of Christopher Bauer as incoming president and Theo Meacham as vice-president. Paul Brown will remain in an executive position as secretary. Jacob Boyd will continue in the only unchanged position of treasurer.

Christopher Bauer, an attorney who moved here from Florida, has recently completed a term as logistics co-chair and is serving in that position again for Lexington’s Pride Festival. Serving concurrently as the design editor of GLSO’s monthly LGBTQ+ news magazine LinQ, he has a lot of energy and is excited to take over as president of GLSO. His husband, Roberto Abreu, a counseling-psychology graduate student at UK, is also very active in the GLSO and the Pride Festival.

Theo Meacham is a long-time queer activist in Lexington. He has spent the past fifteen years as a professional theatre artist in Kentucky and beyond, and he currently serves as founder and co-director of Company Q, a queer youth theatre ensemble that is housed at the GLSO. Additionally, he serves on the executive committee for the Pride Youth Theater Alliance and is the host of the 2015 Pride Youth Theater Alliance International Conference, taking place here in Lexington in August 2015. Theo is thrilled to be the first transgender individual to hold a position on the GLSO’s executive leadership team. His wife, Ann Malcolm, helps with print editing for LinQ.

According to office manager Chad Hundley, “the outgoing team did a great job, but I’m certain the incoming team will do great things. We have a bright future.”


Chad Hundley, office manager
389 Waller Ave., Suite 100
Lexington, KY 40504
Phone: 859-253-3233

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