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Where is my money going to and what services do you provide that may be of importance to me?

You may be asking yourself this question. We have many services that we offer including FREE counseling to the public. We also house the oldest LGBTQ library in the state of Kentucky with over 1,800 titles and LGBTQ themed DVD’s and music. Our Heart to Heart Discussion Group is held on Wednesday evenings here at the Pride Center for those that just need a place to come talk and get stuff off their chest. We have helped many individuals with such things as: loneliness and depression, coming out, HIV education, and acceptance with family, friends or co-workers.

The LinQ magazine is Central Kentucky’s only LGBTQ magazine that connects the community with the general public and brings very important articles and issues to the public’s awareness. LinQ is published monthly and distributed to over 40+ locations in Central Kentucky.

Other groups that use our Pride Center for their meeting areas include but are not limited to: the Imperial Court of Kentucky, LOVEboldly, Company Q Drama Troupe, PFLAG and TransKentucky. Without the GLSO Pride Center, some of these groups may not have a safe place for their meetings. The Pride Center has rent, utilities and other monthly expenses that they have to pay to keep the center up and running as well.

Below are some of our featured programs that we provide. We are a small center but we are mighty and can only become stronger with a unified community and supporters such as yourself! Please consider sending us your tax-deductable donation today! Also, if you use your Paypal account today only, 1% of your donation will be matched.

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Give on #GivingTuesday to help the Lexington Pride Festival!


The annual Lexington Pride Festival is also presented by the GLSO. The last Saturday of every June over 20,000 attendees come to celebrate Pride with us in the heart of downtown Lexington. We have over 90+ vendors and organizations that take part on the day’s festivities. The Lexington Pride Festival is the largest fundraiser for the GLSO, but it also takes thousands to put it on as well.

Give right now to make the 2015 Lexington Pride Festival the best on yet!

Give on #GivingTuesday to help Seasoned Independent People

8f36118a-9c7d-4fa4-89ca-5c4a75e1eeaaOne of the most important programs that we offer is a 50+ Senior Group. The S.I.P. (Seasoned Independent People) Group meets bi-monthly at the Pride Center. We at the GLSO are firm believers that while we cater to the youth, it is also important to preserve our history of where we came from and help those that have made it easier for the LGBT community today.

Give today to help keep the S.I.P. going!