Executive Committee

Chad Hundley - Festival Chair

Roberto AbreuFestival Vice-Chair

JP JohnsonFestival Secretary

Jacob Boyd - Festival Treasurer

Sub-Committee Chairs

Haley Miller  – Activities Chair

Scott RobinsonEntertainment Chair

Todd OatmanFundraising Chair

Kat WilkieSponsorships Chair

Chris BauerLogistics Chair

Kira Goldade and Christi WilsonVendor Liason Co-chairs

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Sarah Brown - Marketing Chair

Jessica Garner - Merchandising Chair

Roberto Abreu, Kira Goldade, and Haley MillerVolunteers Co-Chairs

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Jo Meads and Michael GroutSocial Media Co-Chairs

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Amy HatterWebsite/Technology


2014 Committee Chairs

Front row, left to right: Roberto Abreu, Haley Miller, Chad Hundley, Kira Goldade

Back row, left to right: JP Johnson, Todd Oatman, Jessica Garner, Sarah Brown, Jacob Boyd, Jo Meads, Chris Bauer, Michael Grout

Not pictured: Scott Robinson, Kat Wilkie, Christi Wilson