THANK YOU for sticking by us during the Hands On Original Case

The GLSO and the Lexington Pride Festival thank all of you who stood by us through this long journey. We are overjoyed at this ruling. It shows that our Fairness Ordinance does work, and that Lexington is home to a progressive community that will not tolerate discrimination.
Chad Hundley, chair of the 2015 Lexington Pride Festival and Office Manager at the GLSO Pride Center, says, “It is important that with the progression of equality today that ALL individuals are free to be who they are and that the Lexington Pride Festival serves as a celebration for diversity! Now we have more to celebrate with this win!”

Pride today and every day.
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Ready, Set, PRIDE!!!

By: Chad Hundley – 2015 Lexington Pride Festival ChairHundley, Chad

Hello! As many of you already know me, I do want to introduce myself to the ones that may not know me personally. I became involved with the GLSO back in 2004 and then began serving as a sub-committee member on the second Pride Festival for 2009. After that I proceeded to continue serving on the Pride Festival committee as the 2010 Marketing & Publicity Chair, 2011 Entertainment Co-Chair, 2012 Festival Vice Chair & Volunteer Co-Chair, 2013 Festival Chair and most recently served as the Festival Vice Chair again along with Fundraising and Sponsorship Chair. I have been extremely honored with networking and serving with many talented individuals. I have also previously served on the executive committee for the Kentucky Fairness Alliance for 5 years. I have served as the Office Manager for the GLSO Pride Center now for over 3 years and am a member of the Imperial Court of Kentucky and am honored to have been on the female line of succession for the past five years as well. But that is enough about me! :-)

Your 2015 Lexington Pride Festival Planning Committee has been elected and approved! I am so proud to be leading an amazing group of individuals and I must say we have the most diverse and creative group yet! As Festival Chair, my goals and visions are to make sure that all of our groups, organizations and LGBTQIAA+ voices here in the Central Kentucky are represented. I want to encourage ALL organizations and groups to send a representative to sit in on at least one of our sub-committees as this is a huge celebration and we need all input and voices heard!

In addition to myself, the executive Pride committee consists of: Roberto Abreu (vice chair), J.P. Johnson (secretary) and Jacob Boyd (treasurer). Our sub-committee chairs consist of: Haley Miller (activities), Scott Robinson (entertainment), Todd Oatman (fundraising), Amy Hatter (website), Chris Bauer (logistics), Sarah Brown (marketing/advertising), Jessica Garner (merchandising), Jo Meads & Michael Grout (social media), Kat Wilkie (sponsorships), Kira Goldade & Christi Wilson (vendor liasions), and Roberto Abreu, Kira Goldade & Haley Miller (volunteers). We are all so excited to get started and a lot of work is gearing up to begin, but we need your help as well to fill up our sub-committees in each of these areas.

There is still a need for volunteers to work in all of these committees. If you are willing to donate some of your time, email me at and let’s discuss where your talents can be used to strength the festival committee as a whole. You can also let me know what sub-committee/s you would be willing to serve on. You are welcome to call or visit me during regular office hours Tuesday-Friday 1-5pm or Saturdays from 11am-3pm at the GLSO Pride Center located at 389 Waller Ave, Suite #100, Lexington, KY 40504.

The planning committee will be meeting on the fourth Thursday evenings at the GLSO Pride Center at 6:30pm. Can’t make it that night? Don’t worry, because each sub-committee will be meeting individually at other times and days each month before the combined committee meetings. So come onboard for an experience of a lifetime and feel proud to have been part of planning the 2015 Lexington Pride Festival! You are guaranteed to meet some new and amazing friends as well!

For more information and volunteering for the festival, visit